Dear Community,

We know how important the web player is to you, and that’s why we invested so much time over the past weeks in order to bring it back. In just one and a half months of development, a Unity update was performed and various programs were installed to improve performance and also to avoid cheats. Regrettably we must now inform you that, with a heavy heart, we had to decide to deactivate it again.

We are not taking this situation lightly. A critical error in the operation of the web player has forced us to take this step. Shortly after it went live again yesterday, it became evident that a critical error can occur with a certain number of players.

Not only does this detract from everyone’s gaming experience, it also affects the game’s stability, and unfortunately this was not detectable during testing.

Unfortunately we cannot go into specific details at this point, and I ask for your understanding in this regard.

In order to avoid a detrimental gaming experience over the weekend, we will have to deactivate it again. However, we are confident that EXE will already be able to deliver a fix next week.

Until then, we’d like to remind you that players having difficulty with the installation of the client version should please get in touch with our customer support. You can do that here:

We also noticed that some of our players have already found a new loophole for some cheats. One positive effect of shutting down the web player is that we’ll stop these cheaters as well. We would like to remind you once again that all instances of cheating will be dealt with by our customer service team and we follow a zero-tolerance policy on this matter.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will keep you posted as the situation develops.

Kind Regards,