Map Rules:

1. The map must consist of at least 15,000 bricks.
2. The map must be playable.
3. The map must be balanced and fair.
4. The map must be submitted by its builder.
5. The map must be new, i.e. it must be registered during the contest period. Existing maps which are reregistered will not be eligible.
6. The map must be completed and registered before submission.

Submission Rules:

7. Your submission post must include the name of the map. Be careful to avoid typos because the map cannot be evaluated if the name is not correct.
8. You must provide the following map details: number of bricks and supported game modes.
9. Screenshots of the map are preferred but not required unless additional rules specify otherwise.

Rules of Conduct:

10. Posting offensive or discriminatory content or symbols is strictly prohibited.
11. Remakes of maps by other players or from other games will not be considered – we want to judge your own creativity, not your ability to copy the work of others.
12. There will be consequences if anyone submits someone else’s work as their own.

Any additional rules for specific contests can be found in the news on our website and in the forum.
Any violation of the Rules of Conduct will result in disqualification from the contest, and there may be additional consequences.
Furthermore, the contest thread is only to be used for posting submissions, not for discussion or private conversations. All spam will therefore be deleted without comment.