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Thread: [Contest] Tell us the scariest story of all times!

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    [Contest] Tell us the scariest story of all times!

    Tell us the scariest story of all times!

    Creepy witch here, bloodthirsty vampire there … that’s old news! We need some new scary stories that’ll teach us all how to really be afraid!

    Do you think you have what it takes to write the most thrilling, creepy and scary Halloween story of all times? Then don’t wait any longer and start writing, because there’s a whole bunch of prizes waiting for you!

    The authors of the 3 best Halloween stories will win the following prizes:

    • 1st place: One (fully upgraded) Halloween weapon of your choice & 1,000 Tokens
    • 2nd place: One (fully upgraded) Halloween weapon of your choice & 500 Tokens
    • 3rd place: One (fully upgraded) Halloween weapon of your choice

    Your story should be at least 350 words long and should not exceed 1,000 words. Also, please watch your wording!

    This contest ends on 27 October 2015. The winners will be announced the following day.

    Ready, set keyboard, go!

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    Please submit all of the stories here. Thanks Brick-Forcers.
    ONLY SUBMISSIONS HERE. This is not a question thread nor a conversation thread. If you have questions message me.
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    It was a lot of fun everyone!
    Good luck with whatever you end up doing!

    Best Regards,
    The Brick-Force Community Team

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    One spooky dark night...

    One spooky dark night, a Brick-Force soldier and his soldier friends were out camping in the middle of the Brick forest. They were sitting on logs around their campfire, telling spooky stories and eating blocky s'mores.

    "...And so, after sometime of being scared in his tent, the terrified camper decided to finally take a look outside to see what he had been hearing. Right as he left the tent, it started raining and storming." Said one soldier, telling one of his spooky stories from his book of Creepy Tales that he bought a few days ago, from a creepy old man at his local library.

    Just as he finished his sentence, the fire turned an eerie shade of green, and appeared to have a ghostly face. The face in the fire was trying to warn them of something, but was put out by a sudden downpour of rain. Then as thunder struck a nearby tree, the soldiers decided they would spend the rest of the night in the tent. As they entered the tent, they lit a candle that they bought from the Season 3 medieval brick pack. And right as they lit the candle, they saw something horrible -- a shadowy figure with purple mean-looking eyes in their tent. Right as they all got a frightened look on their face, the figure formed a small black mist and quickly flew out of the tent. Scared like heck, they all decided it was not safe outside and they should stay in the tent until they can reach help somehow. One of the soldiers got out his phone and started to call the police, when he lost connection. Being the bravest of the soldiers, he decided he would go out and try to find a signal. He then left the tent. The other soldiers decided they could pass the time by continuing the story.

    "The camper was about to go back in his tent when he realized a pair of purple eyes in the bushes. The bushes began to shake, and then the purple eyes leapt out of the bushes, revealing a shadowy body!"

    They all looked at each other, shaking from what the soldier had just read. Soon after, the soldiers all heard a spine-chilling shriek from outside. It sounded like the soldier that left to look for a phone signal! The soldiers peaked outside, and saw the soldier standing before them -- except something was wrong. Very, very wrong. He was pale as can be, and wasn't blinking. Then his lifeless body fell over, revealing the shadowy purple-eyed figure they had seen before and heard about in the scary story.


    The Brick Town News Team was interviewing a soldier that lost his whole team 3 weeks ago on halloween night, while camping in the Brick forest. He was telling about his frightening story about that night in the woods.

    "Those eyes, those horrible purple eyes!" He said. "Those awful eyes were the last thing I saw that night. I woke up the next morning in the middle of a trashed campsite that was once ours. The tent was on fire, but the fire was purple and was not put out from the night's storm. The campfire had been lit, except bones replaced what was once timber. The fire was green, except now instead of one face, there was the face that we saw trying to warn us before, along with the faces of my whole team. It took me 6 days to get out of that forest, well, with that horrible thing slowly chasing me. I could not stop to sleep, not to eat. I thought, 'Why did that thing spare me?' That whole time I was escaping, I was thinking about the whole experience, putting all the pieces together. It came to me that whoever wrote that story in the Creepy Tales book must've been the victim, and the victim's face was the one we saw in the green campfire trying to warn us. This made me think I was in bigger danger than I had ever thought."

    The interview went viral to the whole Brick world. Reporters would be outside the doors and windows of his house for days at a time, camping in his front lawn just to get coverage for his one story, while he sit inside his house thinking about the haunting experience of 3 weeks ago.


    The Brick Town News Team, in association with the Brick Town P.D., were now investigating the murder of the soldier that lost his whole team one month ago, on halloween night while camping in the Brick forest. His last words were written on paper, in the book of Creepy Tales, and his bones were found blazing in the green campfire along with the rest of his team's and the original victim's. The case was never solved, and to this day the book of Creepy Tales has never been checked out again... until next halloween, anyway.


    THE END. Thank you for reading!
    Fun Fact: You're reading this right now.

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    One of the parts is quite an old story written by me for a long time. I remember posted on forums and people like it.
    How will transmit the essence of Google translator ..

    Rampant evil in the postwar period. Whether it is related to the post-war time of troubles? Or with the attitude of the Soviet authorities towards religion? Unknown.
    This story happened to my grandmother. She and her husband moved into their newly built home. My grandfather was a carpenter, and often went to build houses in the neighboring hamlet. It is often not at home.
    On the day he left to build another house, and my grandmother was left with a newborn daughter (my mother) is one.
    The house was on the outskirts of the hamlet B. finished everything and supper, she, as usual, locked all the doors and went to bed. The bedroom was quite large. In the left corner of a bed, in the middle of the room was a door to the right of which was a bedside table on which stood a kerosene lamp.
    Almost before dawn, my grandmother woke up from a strange sensation, she was scared. She was lying on his side with his back to the door. As soon as she turned around, she noticed a dark figure of a man in the doorway. This figure stood motionless between the bed and a bedside table with a lamp.
    Dawn dim light from the window fell on the creature. His face and body were disfigured potёkshimi terrible burns all over his face and body. My grandmother remembered that she had seen him before. In it she found a soldier coming from the front after the war, which she gave to drink. Then the question grandmother what had happened to him, he replied:
    - Mother, I have burned in the tank.
    The feet of this creature is hidden in darkness, they are almost nowhere to be seen. He took a few steps and was caught between the window and the bed. Now he seemed completely black. His footsteps were hard and loud, as if it were the heavy boots.
    The next moment he heard a chilling voice:
    - It's four o'clock in the morning, so I went nude.
    After these words, he began to approach the bed. Out of the darkness began to appear legs, which seemed to have been thickly covered with hair. Grandmother in horror hand fumbled under the pillow, under which kept the match. At this point, when she took out the matches, accidentally touched his newborn daughter why she woke up and started crying. Before my grandmother lit up in the hands of the match, all thundered in the house, opened the door closed on the hook, fly ash-pit gate from the oven. It is dissolved in the predawn darkness. My grandmother hugged his daughter to his chest and read the prayer. And so it stayed until the morning, until he came to a neighbor, who was surprised that all the doors open.
    After this incident, my grandfather is no longer left to the far farm the construction to keep pace with the night home.
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    ok so I am not so good with scary stories here we go (don't judge grammar XD)
    It was a dark afternoon, a brick-force soldier (lets call him Dave) was building a amazing fort for build & destroy when he spotted a strange floating island above him. It didn't look like a normal "camping island" as it was a very dark red island, something a normal soldier would build!
    "hey, soldier!" the strongest troop yelled "what are you looking at? get back to building, we only have two minutes left!". "but look boss! a island above us! "said Dave . The strongest troop laughed and told Dave to get back to work. Two minutes later the soldiers got sent to their spawn points but when the barrier disappeared all of the enemy were lying on the ground in a pool of green sludge, the timer immediately turned to 0:00 and the soldiers were forced to build, confused and scared. Another soldier was building a fort when he mysteriously fell into the dark void bellow their islands, screaming "ITS HERE! ITS HERE HAHAHA". Dave quickly towered up to the strange island. Again the green sludge was covering the floor of this strange island! Dave turned around and spotted a note on a tree. It read "Soldier, you make me laugh! why didn't you allow a soldier to follow you! look down before you continue this note!".
    Dave looked down, horrified as his teammates' lifeless bodies were on the ground below him. Dave panicked and continued reading the note, it read "look behind you, it is the end fo-" Dave was eager to red the rest of the note but it was scribbled with nonsense: "ggeretsae" David then forgot that he had to turn around!, he still did though but he wished he didn't because standing behind was a 8ft human-like figure but instead of a head he wore a pumpkin. "Happy Halloween Brick-force" he said as he pushed Dave to his doom as he fell into the void... but then the figure whispered "your next reader hahahaha". THE END (hope you enjoyed it)
    edit: I forgot to add that the figure took of his pumpkin head... it was the boss..
    The victims bodies disappeared and were never found , the killer still on the run... standing behind you as you read this text... happy Halloween mwhahahahaha
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    Hi Guys i tried making a scary story and failed please read and thanks!!!
    One week before Halloween, The Infernum Team decided to have a Sleep-Over In the “Haunted” Infernum’s building. But what they didn’t realize that one of their workers was a psychopath killer and stays in the building to kill people late night on Halloween. But the team never knew…
    On Halloween day, the team is getting ready for the Halloween Sleep over. A guy name John (I don’t know the Infernum Team’s name) is getting ready while Jason decides to bring in Halloween early. “BOOOOOOO!”,Jason screamed. John scream like a little girl”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “GOT HIM!!!” Jason yelled and begins to laugh his butt off. “Not cool Jason!!!” “Guys! Guys! What happen?” Amy Asked. “Jason over here” John said furious, “Thought it was a good idea to scare me!” “It was!!!” Jason said while he was laughing. “Jason, Jason, Jason will u ever grow up!!” Amy leaves the room. While Amy leaves Jamie come in. “What the Problem here!!!!” Jamie said. “Oh nothing here. Right John?” ”Yea nothing happen here…” John said slowly. “oh ok” as Jamie said while fixing some bugs in brick-force.

    Night Time hits, and everyone leaves expect the Team and the Guard. There’s 11 of them in 1 room. Jason ask, “Where’s Jamie?” John said “be quite I’m going to tell a scary story” John decides to tell a “Scary” story and he begins. “On night 6 people were camping in the middle of nowhere, no signals, no light, just trees. And one of them sees a---“John is cut off of the sound they hear. Dump-Dump-Dump-Dump, Footsteps…. At first they thought it was the Guard but he was fast asleep. “What was that sound?” Jason said. “I don’t know!?!” Amy yelled. Out of nowhere they all hear a small scream.”Ahhhhhhhh” said the voice. “Hel—“. Jason decide to check it out himself. “I will go check it out.” “NOOO Jason don’t go!!!!!!!” Everyone yelled at Jason, but it was too late he already left. As Jason walks he hears footsteps behind him. “gguyss??” Jason said scarily. He turns around and see’s Jamie with a half a mask, Blood on her face. She is smiling, “Jamie what are you doing? Who are you? What do you have? Jamie please no please don’t!!!” “Help!!!!!” Jason screams out! Jamie cuts Jason head’s off. 11-1=10.

    John hears the screams. When he gets to the place, he sees Jason’s body without his head and a trail of blood. “Guys!!!!!!! Come over now!!!!!” “What…” Amy said in a shock and the whole team was scared, this is no games… its real life!!!!!! While this was happing Jamie was hanging all of her heads that she been collecting. “ahh so many trophies!” Jamie said proud. “Guys we have to spit up to look for the kill” Amy said. “Ok sounds like a good idea then me and Amy will follow the trail of blood. The rest of you guys go that way.” “Good plan” one of the team members said. “Let’s Go!” Everyone shouted. As John and Amy follow the trail they saw out of nowhere, the guard’s head on the floor they didn’t believe it. So they went back and check it out and he was gone. “How did our killer go to the guard when the door is locked?!?!?” John yelled. Here’s what happen to the guard, since the door was lock Jamie open the door with the key and once got in and saw the guard once there she got the guard went in a secret spot and kill him there and used his blood to write “I’m the killer, Jamie…” and she left with his body and left his head in the hall way where John and Amy found his head. 10-1=9. John and Amy were scared of their left and decide to go to the security room to get guns but Jamie was there first. “Jamie!! It’s you!!” Amy Yelled. “Yes it’s my u got me!! But what are YOU going to do about it?” Jamie said “John call the rest I will stay.” “Ok” John responded back. But when john went to call team they were all there behind Amy’s back. 8v1. “Get out of my way or get killed!” “NO we will not move until you tell us why!!” Amy respond back. “Ok I will tell you why…” Jamie said. “Why?” Amy asked. “Because I’m a Psychopath Killer!!!’’ At that moment Jamie get her machete and chop off Amy’s head, cut John half and killed the Whole Infernum team by cutting off their head or cutting them in half. When the police arrived the building was burning and the bodies were missing but the heads are hanging from a tree where the suspect kill herself. 9-9=0. If you’re reading this on Halloween Night, Be careful her ghost might be waiting your room! Wahahahahahhahahaha!! Happy Halloween!!!

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    Topic BRICK FLU

    Hi guys so this is a story about a battle in Brick Force gone bad for one poor soldier called earce and also I am talking in game not about me playing the game.

    One frightful evening the Brick Force server shut down and all the games stopped running BUT, one game of team death match on Kieran city carried on running pearce

    and his team had no idea what was happening and nothing happened to their game so they thought nothing was wrong and carried on playing. During the game one of his

    team mates got sick and they were all shocked because no one in Brick Force can get sick.then as the game went on more and more people started to get sick with Brick Flue

    (as they called it) but no one was respawning so that was a little odd because that meant they weren't dieing they were just getting more and more sick by the hour.

    Then when Pearce died so he started respawning. When he respawend he heard a loud shriek come from the medic room. Pearce just thought that the enemy team broke in to the Medic room and got shot and screamed but

    little did he know it was one of the Medics screaming. So Pearce went back into battle and he got lots of kills in the field but started to notice when his team mates died they weren't coming back into the field.

    After 10 minutes Pearce was alone on the battle field!! He decides to go back to base and check where everyone is, but when he gets back he saw lots of dead bodies spread around the base. He found it normal

    because people always die in Brick Force but he waited for then to respawn but they never did. Until one of the dead soldiers woke up screaming 'aaaaahhhhhh' as soon as Pearce heard the scream he ran towards the solider

    and asked if he was OK but the solider didn't replie? After 5 minutes of waiting all of the soldiers woke up but didn't say anything,they started to walk towards Pearce trying to bite him but Pearce started to run. All of the soldiers were

    green so Pearce knew something was wrong. Pearce eventually stopped running and he said 'it felt like i was running for hours' but he had only ran from his base to the woods. He kept an eye out for any Zombiefied team mates.

    Pearce just sat down and started to think what was going on. Unfortunately for Pearce he was alone in the scary,dark,spooky woods. He fell asleep under a tree but was awoken by the horrifying sound of gunshots, which ment the battle was

    going to continue. All of a sudden Pearce jumped to his feet with fear because he has just realised he is still at war with zombiefied team mates so that meant he was fighting a war alone. As Pearce started to wonder carefully through

    the wood watching his every step, he noticed a black shadow pass him through the forest so he pointed his gun at the shadow. When he looked around the tree he saw one of his Zombiefied team mates eating an enemy. It was one of the most horrific

    things he had ever seen, even though it was his best friend Yang he pulled out his Magazine Crossbow and shot an arrow right thorugh his best friend's brain. Blood squirted out of his head as if a champagne bottle was opened.

    He used the Crossbow instead of his bullock because it didn't create as much noise which at-tracks the other zombified team mates. Unfortunately the other zombified team mates were at close quarters so they heard the Magazine Crossbow shot which

    attracted them to his location. Before he knew it he was surrounded by his undead allies with not enough resources to fight them off. He was doomed. He was rationing his bullets one bullet per head. Fortunately the opposition heard his gunshots

    and came to his rescue killing all the zobified team mates and took Pearce to be one of their own. They kept on fighting danger off until there was none left but they could never be certain that it wasn't going to happen again.

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    The Brick Force Virus

    This is a Brick Force story About a virus that accord when a player downloaded an undescribable map for a laugh but little did he know the laugh was on him.

    One mysterious day I was playing Brick Force Farming Force Points on Sniper Hill killing and knifing enemies saving up for a fully upgraded Halloween weapon. After saving for about 1 hour I came across a map that was undescribable and said don't download which had no downloads and no comments so I downloaded it for a laugh but title did I know the laugh was on me. Then I started to play it and it was pretty good, it had a sniper point, good decoration and even a little village, I couldn't believe no one downloaded. After playing for about 10 minutes I tried to leave but it wouldn't let me. I was confused and didn't know what to do when suddenly the cute village transformed into a huge creepy mansion, then the sniper point turned into a warrior holding a sword and all the decoration turned into bones and blood could this be the legend of the virus, no that's impossible the last I heard on the virus was when someone downloaded a creepy map, oh yeah whoops. OK I made a mistake however there was turning back so I head into the mansion hoping for a clue or something when a saw a portal that for all I know could kill me so I went out side when suddenly the warrior statue turned to life, I ran into the mansion and said YOLO (You Only Live Once) entering the portal into another dimension. Yes I cheered as I had escaped the huge warrior and was in complete different map and was safe at last at least that what I thought before seeing a horde of zombies in the horizon heading in my direction. I had to act quickly so I grabbed my python 91 and started snipping when suddenly a creepy voice shouted NO RE SPAWNS. I started to freak out when suddenly I noticed a sniper point, I ran as fast as I could, yes this is perfect I have a clear shot on all the zombies but there were to many there was no way I could kill them all when suddenly I noticed a dead body next to me, I searched for through his dead corpse hoping for a grenade or weapon just something more powerful then my sniper when suddenly I found it the dragon staff.
    This was perfect for my situation however it only had 12 rounds I better be careful, they wouldn't stop spawning it like once I kill one it just re spawns it must be the virus "FIND THE KEY" there it was again the same voice but what key and what did it unlock. I don't know much about viruses but what I do know is that I need to get rid of it and if that key gets me out then nothing will stop me getting it. So killing them was pretty much pointless as they just re spawn well I can handle zombies but definitely not huge warriors with swords, how did they find me I thought I escaped them, they must have followed me through the portal. OK the map is 100 by 100 it will only take me like a million years to search it, OK well I need to start somewhere so why not there creepy castle on top of the hill were I might die. I started to climb but it was nearly impossible 36 minutes later yes I finally made it, oh are you kidding me there was a stair case right next to the hill. Anyway lets head into the creepy castle.
    There are cobwebs and dust every were, this must have been deserted for years whoosh whoa what was that hello is anyone there ( no response ) I must just be my imagination. Oh whats that under the wardrobe ah yes the key I found it now what dose it open ARGG the wardrobe started to fall I quickly ran how did that fall is did someone push it over, darts came flying towards me and I ducked and then I new I was not alone in this mansion I tried to find the door but it was like a maze and there was coffins everywhere many people must have died here. agggg bats everywhere, that's an odd poster no garlic what is this a place, then it hit me the coffins, bats and no garlic this was Dracula mansion and I had to escape quick when suddenly a vampire grabbed me by the neck and tried to bite me so I grabbed my Python 91 and shot him right in the face "BRICK SHOT" shouted the virus. He must be watching me, yes the door I escaped and ran straight to the locked barn. I was trapped with no ammo and no dragon staff, I must have lost it in the mansion there were zombies, vampires and even the huge warrior statue I tried the key and it worked but the were to close they bit me and scratched me but the was another portal I crawled to it with my last bit of energy and with my last breath I said Good Bye virus and leaped into the portal I was in the the main menu and the voice said "You may have won this time but you see me next Halloween i'll be back" thew his gone that's the last time I download a creepy map oh well back to farming force points. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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    Topic The Brick Force Horror

    When the night arrived a strange feeling came over me. Was it a shiver? It could have just been the cold breeze. Yeah that's what it was!Right? I hugged
    bollock close to me incase someone jumped out, they would drop dead straight away. That's how good I am. I carried on going, walking towards my next
    location, hoping that i would be able to kill someone. I literally loved it so much, the thrill of getting to shoot someone just gave me the adrenaline
    i needed to carry on. It has become such a natural thing, to just kill someone, it felt like i was really doing it. Just as i was thinking my thoughts
    were rudely interupted by the sound of a branch breaking. My head quickly jerked to where the sound had come from and i started taking slow steps towards
    the tree. As i reached it there was nothing, must have been just the wind, just as the thought crossed my mind another there was another sound just like
    the one before. Okay thats it. That is definetely not the wind, someone is there. I began to slowly run towards the source of sound. Still nothing. I
    climbed a tree for better view but nothing could be seen over the mist that suddnely took over. What? Where did this come from? As a went around the tree
    rabbed my leg, it was cold and dry. It felt like a hand but when i looked down it was far off than a hand. It was a tree branch, and it moved all by
    itself. What the .. ? How could this be possible and more importantly how do i kill it? This was a new challenge and i was more than prepared to
    accept it. I grabbed my Archer's Axe and cut the branch that was wrapped around my leg. To show my victory i smirked and took a step forward but to my
    dissapointment i couldn'd take another step. The tree branch that i had just cut grew back and even longer and it was now wrapped around my leg again.
    Before i could swing for it again a root came out of the ground and grabbed my hand squeezing it so hard that i was no longer able to control my hand
    anymore. The Archer's Axe fell out of my hand and all i could do was follow it with my eyes. Any chance of me surving was ruined. I KNEW that this was it.
    I wasn't going to die from a bullet or a zombie, i was going to die from the .. ground? Before i knew it i was wrapped in roots and was being lowered
    closer and closer to the ground. I know that sometimes i wish the grown swollows me alive but i didn't actually mean it. Why does the worse wishes have
    to happen to me? I felt my lower body sink into the dirty ground and before i knew it my head was the only thing left to go. I took a deep breath and
    braced myself for what was to come. I am being taken to the land of the truly dead.
    i open my eyes and see that i am back in the battle field surrounded by all of my team mates. I look around making sure that i wasn't dreaming. I must
    have been respawned but the weird thing was that i had never seen the ground do that before. It must be something new. Probably the new update but all i
    know is that this game has taken me to a new level.

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    The brick Force camp fire

    This is a brick force story about players gather round a campfire and tell stories which come to life...

    After a days work or slaying enemies on multiple maps saving for some epic items it was time to have a rest and I was invited to a campfire. I arrived a
    little late but luckily I missed them talking about politics and joined when they was telling horror story's. Tim was up first and said "I'm not very good
    at horror storys but i'll give it a go once upon a time there were 3 little pigs" I said "no no that's a fairy tale try something that's realy scary like zombies
    or vampires" "Ok there was once a little boy called John who was eaten by a zombie" said Tim I shouted " that's terrible i'll give you a scary story once there
    was a boy called Jessy trapped down a well because Tim pushed him" What why did i push him I never do that " Shut up Tim anyway tim pushed him down a well and
    he has been stuck down there for 3 days without food or water so one day Tim felt so guilty that he came with bread and water but acsadently fell in and they
    was stuck down there together Tim tried to make a peace offering but Jessy did not accept so when Tim fell asleep Jessy ate him, Jessy did not even care and then
    the next day his skin started to turn green and teeth went sharper and he had claws to climb out of the well but instead of going home for food he went into a
    strangers house and grabbed the owners by the neck and ripped it to shreds and it was impossible for them to even have a chance or survival after a couple days
    had had killed over 48 people and they cam back to life with the same skin color, claws and even teeth they was an army of zombies killing the world with no mercy,
    how was that for scary" "I think I pooed myself" said Tim. Tim went to the bathroom however did not return John went to check and returned with green skin and sharp
    teeth it was a zombie I grabbed my pistol and pointed to his head about to pull the trigger but me and John have history he helped me level up oh sorry John its
    for the best Bang blood went everywhere and then Oliver went crazy and fell into the fire and screamed and burned to death. there was 3 of us left me Sony and Jessy
    in the story Jessy killed people so me and Sony kept looking at him suspiciously. I through a pice of wood into the fire so did Jessy but he missed and hit him straight
    in the head killing him so I grabbed my gun and pointed it at him he ran and I followed i had a clear shot and shot him in the head I quickly ran but tripped and
    went head first into a bear trap chomping my head straight off. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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