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Thread: [Contest] Tell us the scariest story of all times!

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    The Closet

    It was late at night and i was all alone. All by myself in this mansion my family calls home. Sitting cross-legged on my bed staring at my book i hear the creak of
    my closet door as if someone is slowly opening it. I look up at it and see that it is now ajar. My heart quickens and breathing deepens. I stare at the door as if it
    will go back to normall in a bit. I am definetly sure that i left the door close, it must have just opened by itself, maybe the door handle wasn't put up all the way
    and the weight had finally won over which is why the door opened. Yeah that's it. I turn back to my book and after a page of the interesting story i am reading i hear
    creak again. My head bolts up so quick that i hear it click under the sudden movement. Ouch. My eyes lock on the door and see that it has opened even more, Oh God.
    This is getting really strange however even though my mind is screaming at me to run and get as far away from the door as i could my body tells me otherwise. There's
    the tiny little curious voice that tells me to go and see what it is. I wish i wasn't alone. I start to slowly walk towards the door, it feels like 15 minutes have
    passed by the time i had gotten off the bed, my eyes never leaving that door. I am now stood up and slowly taking a step towards the closet. Just as i'm about to place
    my foot down i hear something fall against the floor from another room, my head involuntary looks towards my bedroom door as if i could see through it and see where the
    sound has come from. It sounded like a pan falling on the kitchen floor. I put that at the back of my head as i look back to my closet door and gasp. The door has
    opened a little more and i can now see part of my favourite coat. I take a few more slow steps as my mind is going overdrive with thoughts. My heart feels like it's
    going to explode and i feel like there isn't enough air in this room. I am now almost by the door, arm lenght away from it. I slowly reach to grab the handle and once
    i do i brace myself for the worst. I swing the door open. Nothing, nothing but clothes. I turn the light on in the closet to make sure that nothing is hiding in the
    dark and i give a breath of relief as nothing is there. But then again, what opened the door? I turn around and come face to face with the scariest thing i have ever
    seen. I scream loud, hoping someone would hear me. The evil creature just smiles at me, showing me its black teeth, nothing in it's features shows me any trace of
    goodness. The eyes, they are the worst part, so dark they are almost black, black and empty eyes, locked to mine. I try to look further but there is no light in them,
    no hope. I look down, trying to fully see this creature but i find that it has no legs, its long black gown flowing mid-air. Is this a ghost? An evil ghost? I take a
    step back and the thing smiles, and evil smile that will haunt me for the rest of my life. The thing reaches for something in its gown and when it takes out what it
    was looking for my eyes widen and i scream knowing what is coming next. The sharp and long black blade is pushed through me within seconds leaving me no time to scream.
    The pain is so unbearable that i can't feel my body anymore and i feel my body starting to shut down as if the blade held black poison which is now slowly spreading
    throughout my entire body.
    I wake up screaming, sweat running down my face and the blanket now on the floor. I hug my legs closer to my body and look around the room in panic as if this really
    just happened. It was just a nightmare, just a nightmare. My heartbeat slowly goes to normal and i relax.
    After and hour i decide to go back to bed and as i'm about to fall asleep i hear the creak of my closet door.

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    It was a late night, and all of the noobs were having fun in SniperHill. Suddenly a message appeared in the bottom-left corner of the screen, [System][OneXz] has joined the room.

    The End
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    I recommend putting on this video in the background.
    WARNING: The following story contains gore. Viewer discretion is advised.

    My sworn brother Robin and I live in the Brick Plateau. We're both 16 and my dad
    sent us two packages for our birthday. He works for the Brick-Force Hierarchy, a company
    dedicated to killing the zombies roaming the land. Robin and I are opening our packages.
    He gets a Spider 36 - a high-ranking weapon in the Hierarchy. I get a sniper rifle that is colored black and has the word "SOON" carved on it.
    "You think we're going to get raided tonight?" Robin asks.
    "I hope not, but at least we have weapons."
    "I guess so."
    Just then, we hear scratching.
    "Zombies!" Robin yells. "Quick, get some ammo and let's drive them out!"
    Robin I run to our kitchen where we hide ammo behind the fridge. Once our new guns
    are loaded, Robin heads to the front door while I cover the back door. After seconds of
    silence the first zombie bursts through the door, scattering wooden shards everywhere.
    I quickly shoot it with my sniper, but the imbecile seems unfazed. I hear Robin
    bellow in pain as one of the zombies bites him, but there's no time to help. I barely
    jump out of the way as my enemy swipes at me. Taking out my Falcon 18, I kill the thing.
    I peek out the door. Outside, there are more zombies charging the house. But one
    of them stands out - he looks just like my father.
    Robin is done with his side of the horde - there were only 5. He runs over and his
    skin turns ghost white when he sees the zombie that looks like my father. I am equally
    mortified, but I stomach it and start shooting the massive group. A few of them go down in
    one shot, but the rest march forward. I begin to feel a little uneasiness.
    We could do nothing to hold them back and run into the house as fast as we could.
    Inside, some of the zombies throw acid at us - fluids that run in their blood. It hits us
    both and we cry out as our skin burns.
    We've lost track of the zombies. Our house is now a minefield of them.
    I step toward the TV and urge Robin to follow. He does, but I hear a little growling under his
    breath. 3 of the dead leap out. We're able to finish them off, but my right arm hurts too much to use.
    By now, there should only be around 10 left. I check the
    couch while Robin limps toward the bathroom. He's getting slower and slower. 2 zombies appear.
    I shoot them with my left hand, which violently snaps back after a few shots. They
    manage to stab me in the stomach with their claws. I try not to look at the damage
    and finally kill both of them with the Falcon 18. I notice my blood from the wounds is blue.
    A zombie tackles me from the chandelier and bites my neck. Pain sears into
    my nervous system and my vision turns a little green. Robin must not be taking his bite well.
    By now, my Falcon 18 has run out of ammo. However, I still finish the job with my rifle.
    I head up the stairs to find 3 zombies staring at me. Only this time, a dark aura
    surrounds them and they're holding what I can only assume are pitchforks.
    The deadly trio begin their attack. At this point my head is spinning and my right arm is
    emanating the same aura as the zombies.
    Slamming into one of them, their shield dissipates
    immediately. The other two begin to murmur.
    "nO cHaNcE aGaInSt DeAtH iTsElF."
    "Quiet," I shout as a sniper bullet finds its way through the zombie's head. I whack the
    last one standing with my arm and finish it.
    "Robin!" I call as I run toward the bathroom. I find him crouching with his back
    turned from me. Around him are the remaining zombies. They have all been incapacitated.
    "You OK, Robin?
    There's no response as he rises. It's then that I notice his skin is green. Robin whips around.
    He's been fully infected.
    I shoot his legs. They go down and so does Robin.
    "CRUSH!" He tries to snag my left ankle. He's successful and squeezes hard.
    I don't feel any pain, but I notice my body is now covered in dark energy.
    "DESTROY." Suddenly, all life exits from Robin's body and his dark spirit flies toward me.
    Bullets still hit him and his spirit reenters his body. Robin crumples, shaking. I know what I must do.
    If I don't kill Robin, he could infect soldiers and create chaos.
    "I'm sorry. Thanks for all the good times." I whisper as I pull the trigger.
    He turns limp for a second. Then, his spirit accelerates out the window. Robin screams,
    "YOU DIE. HAHEHEHE!" I ponder his words for a moment.
    Suddnely, my vision begins to fade as the world around me disappears. I come to my senses to see
    a zombified version of my father. I didn't see him after I looked out the door. He
    must have been infected.
    "Death takes us all...Do not evade the inevitable," he remarks. Then, he grabs me.
    Everything turns blood red and I find my skin turning into that of a zombie.
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