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Thread: [Feedback] Official Thread for Feedback and Wishes for future Sales!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoOp_911 View Post
    i feel the same. a "black friday sale" would be appropriate. maybe not a all in like what kagome mentioned but still have a big one that will last a day or even a couple hours.
    Yeah like the Flash Sales where it sometimes appears in Midweek where it relies on perfect attendance and be prepared for any occurring sales. I mean seeing sales on the Weekend is nice, but we wanted to see some rare and unexpected sales on the midweeks.

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    Oh and speaking of Special Forces Gear,

    I wanna see every single Special Forces Clothing, Accessories, and Weapons available in the shpp for the next week's sale.

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    Jetzt da wie Wahl der USA Momentan Thema Nr 1 wäre es cool wenn das Uncle Sam Outfit mal kommendes WE in den Shop kommt........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zucky View Post
    Jetzt da wie Wahl der USA Momentan Thema Nr 1 wäre es cool wenn das Uncle Sam Outfit mal kommendes WE in den Shop kommt........
    Hello, Zucky.
    Please remember that this is a English version for the Official Feedback thread regarding about Sales and Shop. You can visit and share this ideas to the German version of the same thread at here:!

    With best regards,

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    Okay I'm finding what really, REALLY makes me feel very unsatisfying about sales. The items in the shop for sales is very nice and pleasing, but this 30 Days rental only options is keep on getting in my nerves!

    And every item that has this yellow " % " icon on the item's bottom-left corner will always have the option to buy it only for 30 Days only but no permanent option! Other items that doesn't ​have this icon next to it have the option to be purchased permanently!

    But yes we know that items that has the Yellow Percentage icon next to it is much cheaper than the original price, but they are not worth buying them unless this 30 Days Rental option is fixed to Permanent!

    Look at this screenshots for example.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20161112_091522.jpg 
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ID:	28302

    This Matizao Shotgun has a " % " icon next to it. It's cheaper, but it doesn't have a Permanent option!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20161112_091529.jpg 
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ID:	28303

    Now look at this Thornblaster that doesn't has a " % " icon next to it. Its price may be a worth 5 stars-rating item, but it has a option to buy it permanently!

    Please fix this issues about this 30 days rental options! This explains why nobody was interested on buying other Halloween Weapons but only the Mephisto's Gun, Mephisto's Grenade, and the Pumpkin Gun because it doesn't have a " % " icon next to it and has the option to be purchased permanently!!

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    I wanted to see Seismic Assault Rifle A2, Paradise Condor, and Beamer for the next sales because I am looking for a weapon that truly relies on pure accuracy and a weapon that is capable for Medium to Long range weapon.

    And second, I wanted to see maybe a quick or a special sales that can occur in Midweek. My plan to be a Weapon God must be fulfilled before the next video... (Well maybe it can be postponed in case if it never manage to happen...)

    But seriously, this 30 Day Only Rental items without the option to purchase Permanently is annoying. And this is my second time seeing the Hornet Crossbow able to be purchased for 30 Days (without Permanent) which I'm hoping I won't see this again for the third time.
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    Just check on today's sales and Oh My Brickly Lord I am so happy and seriously satisfied about some weapons that really satisfies me. You got Ysis, Ball-E (for some reason, Ball-E price between Max-Up and non Max-Up are slightly similar which is of course a mistake there), X21 Sonic Shotgun, and the uhh.. well not my favorite but the Seismic Assault Rifle A2S.

    I will be looking forward to the next sales and I am really satisfied for the shop as well! You can now get yourself a 30 days time for becoming Premium by purchasing at the in-game shop which is also nice for me and the Steam users!

    Keep up the good work, Brick-Force team and Washburne! Thank you!!!!

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    You guys are making progress, very little progress I should say. Keep up the work, and hopefully a real update will soon appear in brick force
    "It doesn't matter how strong your enemy is, as long as you know how to use your weapon you'll win"

    Community things I have done so far:

    Major Wiki Edits: - Took 3 hours, literally - Took 40 minutes

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    The V-Series Horseshoe and the Roller in the shop is taunting me! Perhaps we would want to go for the Fancy Season 4 weapons for the next Weekend Sales, or maybe Midweek Sales. I wanted to lay my hand on the Fancy Roller and the Fancy Halfmoon! I heard these Fancy heavy weapons are really good for close combat, and I seriously love to fight in close combat! Oh! and please add some short amount of Sci-Fi weapons just like last week! Those Midweek sales are good! This time I want to see Devastator 2000, Anubis, Ysis Ultra, Nucleon 41, and finally the Horus grenade!

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    I think we should rename this thread: Kagome's yearly sale schedule
    xD jk, some are some pretty good ideas.

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