Aloha Community!

The first sale is online. Phew, that took a while. Probably, some of you guys are not satisfied yet.
That what we created this thread for. It should give you guys a spot where you can focus your feedback and wishes for the future on.

What should be posted here:
- Constructive feedback ("thats f*cked up man" is not helping anyone. Please always try it like this "thats f*cked up man because of X and if you guys would do Y, it would not be f*cked up anymore, man") to the range of items sold, the prices and runtimes.
- Wishes for future sales. What items or weapons you want to see in the shop very soon!
- Generell questions regarding sales.

What should not be posted here:
- Discussions (If you want to discuss single topics, please open a thread).
- Questions to other topics than sales.

We will try to moderate this thread rigerously (merge posts, delete off-topics)

Please talk to us! Only with your feedback we can make the game better! Thank you all for you loyalty and patience so far!

Best regards,
Washburne & BF Team