Greetings Community,

As you might have noticed, no developer-diary has been published. Fact is, sadly: we had to stop the development of Brick-Force. The original developer left us the game in a state that makes it impossible for us to extend or update the game. That means we are not able to apply bugfixes or new content.

At the same time, we must announce that our last active member, WashburneX, will leave the game. Support and sales will no longer happen. We hope we will find a solution for the sales, but for the time being, there won’t be any new sales.

If you have any support-requests, please ask the remaining community-moderators and your co-players. All request we receive that are not payment-related will not be handled.

Regarding the elephant in the room: No, we will not shut down the game yet. We will inform you when the time comes.

Thank you all for your loyalty and the fun we had. We hope we can continue to have more of it for a long time to come.
Thanks for everything and till then!
WashburneX & Your Brick-Force-Team