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Thread: Come Back Please (Brick-Force Team)

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    Unhappy Come Back Please (Brick-Force Team)

    You can fix the game by first dealing with the tricks and then by duplicating the player with a few codes and editing the market (Sorry Google Translate)

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    The problem is that writing Brick Force in a programming language is the way I've heard over and over again that hardly anyone masters and lays the cut points for the game ifig liberties. it would be better to copy and rebuild the game ( Sorry Google Translate)

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    Unfortunately with the current situation, the only way to create any new content is to re-create the entire game. Unfortunately ExE left Infernum Productions with a product that was impossible to update, and as a result Infernum left Gamigo in that same position. Gamigo acquired Infernum Productions for Dragons Prophet, not Brick-Force or Hazard-Ops. This is extremely evident with how they market it alongside some of their more popular games on their main website.

    Brick-Force has such a low amount of people playing the game that Gamigo wouldn't even want to think about reconstructing the game from scratch, let alone attempt it. We have to face it, from a financial standpoint, rebuilding Brick-Force would be like throwing your wallet into the ocean. You might get some of your money back, but the chances of regaining what you threw are slim.

    Now with saying that, I do like to believe that if the game was re-constructed from scratch with several key aspects looked after such as balancing, performance, and advertising, then I do believe that the game has the possibility to become very successful. Infernum Productions in combination with ExE started with a fantastic, fairly balanced game; however around season 2 is when the major balancing problems began.

    All in all I am disappointed that the game is next in line for the firing squad, but I am happy to know that quite a number of people got at least some enjoyment out of the game throughout the years.

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