• West Side Tribe

    Orange Weapons -33%

    28 stycznia 2015

    Teaser Image

    Far in the west, deep in Brick-World’s Ezkiel Valley, lives a tribe that keeps a secret power beneath the ground. Affected by the western world, they forged similar weapons. But one thing is different: their secret power called ‘Ezkiel Essence’, known as the mysterious orange power. Therefore, these weapons are the strongest versions of the western weapons available this side of the Mississippi!

    This orange offer is valid until Thursday at 23:59.

  • Double Token Fun

    200% more Tokens

    28 stycznia 2015

    Teaser Image

    Now you get twice the fun! In addition to 200% more Tokens, you’ll receive Elite Weapon Gems or Pick’n’Win Coins for free on top if you buy either a 29.99€ or 49.99€ Token pack.

    End: 28 January, 23:59 CET.

  • SnowFloors by SagsCro

    The secret subterranean snow lair

    27 stycznia 2015

    Teaser Image

    “Is my secret subterranean snow lair prepared, elves?”

    “Yes, Brick-Claus!”

    Many years ago, Brick-Claus was searching the land for a new base of operations; somewhere closer to the Brick-World. He came across a large hill, covered in snow and trees with a river cascading down the southern face. This is it, he thought. Time to dig!

    His elves worked day and night to hollow out the hill, elevating the 2 higher levels until he had three floors of hidden base in which to dwell. He filled the inside with all the tools he would need to deliver presents in the coming years, and finished off the whole base with a big trench going around the outside.

    Brick-Claus wasn’t satisfied though, when sitting in his big empty lair. What we need is some entertainment! Since Brick-Claus was a big fan of exciting battles, he offered any Brick-Soldier a reward for coming to his base and playing matches for his amusement!

    Play 7 matches in a mode of your choice on SnowFloors by SagsCro and earn yourself 1,000 Force-Points!

    End: Sunday, 1 February 2015, 23:59 CET

  • Vortex by Kalchas

    Battle of the Skyjackers

    22 stycznia 2015

    Teaser Image

    A long time ago, a world called Aeres was torn apart by a gruesome war between renegade monsters called Scrit and a confederation of fighters, nomads and builders. In the end, the latter prevailed, but at high costs.

    As a new siege by the monsters was feared, the people from the confederation organized themselves and built a fortress on the rubble of their former city. They called it the Vortex. With this fortress, the confederation members managed to protect both their living environment and the nomads’ travel routes.

    For hundreds of years, the ravages of time took their toll on the steel structures. In addition, repeated attacks from skyjackers destroyed the Vortex more and more until, in the end, the nomads had to give it up.

    Nowadays, two hostile skyjacker clans are using the Vortex as their base, while a merciless fight for domination of the structure has broken out. They seem to be distracted from the fact that the Scrit have returned…

    Reach 15 assists in a mode of your choice on Vortex by Kalchas and earn yourself 1,000 Force-Points!

    End: Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 23:59 CET

  • Map of the Year 2014

    Discover the most epic map of 2014!

    22 stycznia 2015

    Teaser Image

    They’ve made your eyes square with awe and excitement, you’ve had hours of fun and emotion on them, feeling joy for each victory and despair for each crushing defeat… we are talking about your favorite Brick-Force maps, of course!

    You’ve voted for your favorite map on Facebook, and time has now come to announce the results.

    The Map of the Year 2014 is Tsingtao by Monster878. Congratulations to him, who wins a full special force outfit and the weapon of his choice!

    Please note:

    During the vote counting and verification process, we have noticed a high number of false "likes" from various fake Facebook pages, both on “Ractory” by ReVeNzZ and “WorldStar” by Clone117. It is hard to formally identify who organized these false likes, which may come from the owner of the map themselves, but also and most probably from supporters and/or opponents trying to get the map disqualified. In the end, we have taken the decision to disqualify both maps from the competition.

    We hope this will serve as a lesson to all cheating players who deem it funny to spoil a fun event competition by using unfair manipulations, such as creating fake accounts, trying to get opponents accused, and orchestrating hatred campaigns. The only thing this shameful behaviour leads to is delays in result announcements, and possibly your favourite map getting disqualified. We are currently working on formally identifying these mischievous players, who will receive exemplary sanctions.

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