• Token-Sale! 30% Bonus!

    Brick-tastic Tokensale incomming!

    28 września 2016

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    Attention Brick-Soldiers!


    You asked for it, over and over again - so here we are: We give you your first Token-Sale in a long time. For all Token-Purchases you will receive a whooping 30% on Top, so 130% of Tokens with every purchase. Let the shopping commence!


    The Tokensale will last from 28.09.2016, 15:00 cest until the 30.09.2016, 23:55h.


    While the sale lasts, you will get 30% more Tokens on top of your purchase, for free.


    SMS and Telephones payments are excluded.


    We wish you all a fun day and happy shopping!



    Washburne & your BF Team



  • The Shop is back!

    With a new core selection and a 20% Sale!

    16 września 2016

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    Attention Brick-Soldiers!


    Just now the Ingame-Shop should update itself with a whole new selection of items, just for you.


    The current plan looks like this: We will provide a core selection of items, weapons and costumes, that will stay in the shop permanently. Those can be bought for Force-Points (permanent Weapons can be bought for Force-Points and Tokens, the choice is yours).


    Additionaly we will have sales in more or less regular intervalls. The current sale we present is on shiny golden permanent weapons. And not for the regular price, no sir! You will save 20% on each weapons price. But be quick, the sale will only last until 18.09.2016, 23:59h cest.


    Please leave your feedback in the designated forum thread or tell our mods. Have fun and good shopping!


    Your Washburne & BF Team

  • The Shop is pausing...

    ...but it will be back soon!

    12 września 2016

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Brick-Soldiers!


    Thank you all for your feedback in the last weeks. Currently the shop is looking rather empty. But worry not - it will not stay that way!


    We will be back with a new sortiment of items latest end of the week. We are evaluating your feedback at the moment and try to prepare something you'll like.


    Thank you all for your patience!


    Cheeers and best regards,

    WashburneX & your Brick-Force-Team

  • Map of the Month - August

    Bring out ye winners!

    8 września 2016

    Teaser Image



    Dear Brick-Soldiers,


    The Summer is comming to an end and the autumn is closing in on us. But its comming not alone but with a whole selection of new contestans for the titel "Map of the Month". Check out who won down below:



    1. Place - Brickwari by pinguTube



    While some areas are allready getting colder, Brickwari is turning up the heat a last time. Brickwari is an ancient temple ruin that once was buried and lost under the sands of the desert. Now it is on you to explore that places.


    Reward: Weapon of Choice, 10.000 Token, "Masterbuilder" Title


    2. Place "shipharbor" by Mystic Team



    Ahoy me harties! Second place is ony for the roughest and toughest sailors out there that can manage to protect their cargo from thy dirty smugglers. Or are ye more the kind of person that knows how to get rich on other peoples wealth? Its ye own decision, arrr!


    Reward: Weapon of Choice,  5000 Token


    3. Place - "LastStrike" by Nilezz



    Third place is inspired by our very own Brick-Force Comic and earned it spot here right on.


    Reward: Weapon of Choice, 2500 Token


    That's it for today folks - our winners of the month of August. Not everyone can win, but we had a lot of great entries. Take the time to check those out as well:

    "SaintBrick" by Badaboom5

    "ZombTale" by RoJaI

    "Metro" by Geiss

    "Alien Raid" by PlayerOh

    "Zetaball" by Zaun

    "SpaceLokal" by DasPech

    "Fail Jail" by Amity-Owl


    Lastly, we have a special Honorable Mention.


    "Doomy" by Wunszowy



    Wunszowy created a masterwork of apocalyptic proportions with "Doomy". In a distant future earth, of course, turned into an apocalyptic inferno and people fight for survival. This map had everything to be a winner, but sadly  the maps have to be presented by their creator. This did not happen here.


    As "Doomy" will never have the honor of winning Map of the Month, we still want to pay our respect for the great craftmanship that went into the map. Wunszowsky will be awarded with a honourable Tite "Builder of the Month" as well as a Weapon of Choice.

    That’s all the winners for August, Brick-soldiers! Make sure to get working on your September map for a chance to win prizes next time! Remember this is our criteria we use to judge maps:

    • Balance: Is the map balanced? Does every team have a chance to win?
    • Visuals: Is there a theme, and how was it incorporated into the map?
    • Complexity: How intricate and how much effort was put into making the map?
    • Special features: Is there anything unique that affects and adds to the gameplay?


    Congratulations to the winners and good luck for this month!

  • It's Sales-Time!

    Suprisingly, we sell you stuff!

    15 sierpnia 2016

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Brick-Soldiers!


    As announced earlier, we have a whole array of different items for you ready in the shop. Please, feel free to check them out!


    The Sale will run from 15.08.2016 till 28.08.2016.


    Please note: Since Brick-Force is under new command (Washburne), this sale is a test-run. We can't garantuee prices or the structure of the sale to be ever again like this. This depends heavily on your feedback in the next two weeks!


    As a test we used the exact prices the old Infernum Team left us regarding all Token prices. We adjusted all Force Point prices to match Token prices as they were extremly cheap before in comparison.

    Again, this is a test run.

    Please, let us know your feedback here in our forums! Make sure to talk to our Mod-Team as well. Stay friendly though, as they did there best to stop us from raising the prices even more (Joking, but they were a voice of reason!).


    Thank you all for your patience! We're looking forward to your feedback and improving the shop in the future!

    Best regards,

    Washburne & BF Team

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