• Hide & Seek

    Raffle Winner

    24 czerwca 2015

    Teaser Image

    Thanks to your eager help, all criminals were captured! As a reward, all players, who managed to snatch one of the three, already received their 3 Large Elite Weapon Gems. But don’t worry; we remember that we promised you more – a main prize for a randomly picked player!

    The raffle is over, and the winner has been determined. Congratulations to PonyGirl03!

    We thank all our players for their active participation! Looking forward to next time!

  • Hide & Seek – The Great Escape

    An action-packed Event

    19 czerwca 2015

    Teaser Image

    +++ Attention, attention! Security Warning! +++

    Three dangerous criminals have escaped from Brick-City’s high-security prison. The criminals are unarmed, but have stolen great amounts of Warpies and Healing Potions from the prison supplies. Brick-Soldiers have been deployed to take care of the situation. Civilians are advised to only leave their houses when they have to! A high reward will be given to those who manage to get a hold of the criminals. The Brick-Army is requesting your help in finding Kalchas, Clone117 and boopboop.


    Prizes and Rewards

    Players, who manage to find the escapists and achieve one K.O. with a melee weapon, receive a one-time reward of 3 Elite Weapon Gems.

    In addition, at the end of the event, one player from all those who were successful will be picked randomly. This player receives the main prize, a weapon of their choice.

    Please note: Finding and killing the hidden escapists more than once has no effects on the chance of winning the main prize. All prizes will be delivered during the week following the event.

    Event Rules

    • Camping near the targets’ spawn points in order to get a quick hit will not be counted as a valid K.O., and the player will be banned from the competition.
    • Players, who break Infernum’s ToS will not receive any prize and might have to face severe additional consequences.

    Event Timeframe

    • Start: Saturday, 20th June, 3pm CEST
    • End: Saturday, 20th June, 6pm CEST
    • Especially for our US players, there will be an extra round from 3pm to 5pm CST (11pm to 1am CEST) with the escapist boopboop.
      Unfortunately, the extra round for North American players needs to be postponed. It will take place on Sunday 21 June from 3pm to 5pm CST instead.
  • Rockscape by apple2018

    A dangerous Journey

    17 czerwca 2015

    Teaser Image

    Once upon a time, there lived a small group of Brick people in a nameless valley. It was quite picturesque: A little river flowed through flower meadows, which were regularly flooded during autumn time; there was an abundance of everything, and the weather was always beautiful. But this paradisiac environment came at a high price. Every few decades, heavy earthquakes threatened the land. One after the next, the people left the valley until only very few were left.

    When a particularly heavy earthquake had destroyed almost everything around them, the remaining inhabitants saw no other way but to leave their beloved home. They decided to venture alongside the few rocks that were left and to climb a steep hill, whose top was said to harbour a mysterious portal placed there eons ago by the gods. None, who had gone through ever returned, so it was shrouded in legend. But the brick people saw no other way and got ready to take the dangerous path up to the top. In order to honour their audacious mission, they named the remaining pieces of the valley “Rockscape”.

    Play 5 Matches in Escape Mode on Rockscape by apple2018 and earn yourself a Fancy Lone Star (7 days)!

    End: Sunday, 21 June 2015, 23:59 CEST

  • SuwaCastle by EU-Maps

    The Golden Fortress

    10 czerwca 2015

    Teaser Image

    The Suwa Castle is one of the great Wonders of the Brick-World. For over 10,000 years it has stood in the same spot, and visitors come from all over to visit its splendour. Built from many precious materials such as gold, platinum and diamond, it also retains incredible strength from advanced building techniques that are a mystery to us today.

    The interior has been updated for modern times and now contains many features which will enhance a visitor’s stay! Not only will they come to see the beautiful golden patterns of the brick used in the walls and towers, but also now you can enjoy yourself on the inside! Thanks to its indestructible nature, it makes the perfect arena for a battle!

    So don’t stand around admiring the architecture, grab a weapon and let loose!

    Play 5 matches in a mode of your choice on SuwaCastle by EU-Maps and earn yourself 20x 100 Point HP Potion!

    End: Tuesday, 16th June 2015, 23:59 CEST

  • Escape Mode Contest Winners!

    Did you win?!

    8 czerwca 2015

    Teaser Image

    The contest is over! We’ve been playing through all the awesome Escape Mode maps you guys have created, and we have to say they are fantastic! We’ve really enjoyed running through all the great mazes and doing races against each other, trying to find the most fun map…not an easy job.

    But we had to decide eventually, and these are the winners of the competition and many Tokens!

    1st Place: Cloudwalk by Minidave

    2nd Place: EscapeRun by Atomfred

    3rd Place: Escape by gerlach

    We hope you all had a blast on these maps too, and if you haven’t, then quick go check out what makes them the best!

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