• ”G-Castle” by Rotsky

    From rags to riches!

    May 12, 2014

    Teaser Image

    There was once a family who won a great deal of money. They moved into a grand old castle overlooking a small village, an active volcano, and beautiful countryside. The father of this family had 8 children, and he had hoped that moving into the castle might help to keep them safe. Won’t he be surprised when you show up with your paintball gun to wreak havoc on his quiet little abode?

    Rotsky has put a great deal of detail into his map, G-Castle. With his grand fantasy-style castle, volcano, and outlining structures, this map looks great and plays awesome. Be sure to check out G-Castle today, and a special thank you goes out to Rotsky for this wonderful map.

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge: Complete 10 Matches in any mode of G-Castle by Rotsky and earn yourself 100 medium Heal Potions.

    End: 18 May 2014, 11:59pm CEST

  • Brick-Heroes

    #1 Schilling

    May 9, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Brick-Soldiers,

    Today marks the start of our new series called “Brick-Heroes”, which focuses on you, the players. Every Friday, we’ll put the spotlight on a member of the community because, after all, you’re the ones who make this game so great. You deserve a bit of recognition.

    We’ll start things off with a very well known member of the German-speaking community: Schilling.

    He is a proud member of the clan Bricktrend, who, by the way, are always looking for brave Brick-Soldiers to join their ranks – so feel free to apply! Behind the sinister smile of his Mephisto Mask, he enjoys terrorizing opponents on the map Dusty. If you want to play with him or against him, look out for a room called “Schilling komm!” – you’ll have better chances of finding him there in the evening hours.

    You just might find yourself up against a dangerous player wielding a Burning Hurricane, which bears the official Schilling Seal of Approval. And if you want to try out this weapon for yourself, we’ll have it in the shop for 25% off until Thursday, 15 May.

    You may not know it, but he’s also a great map builder with strong creative tendencies. We hope to see more maps with his name on them soon!

    You want to become a Brick-Hero, too? Then get creative and tell us why you think we should choose you to spotlight next! Send your application to community@brick-force.com by Tuesday, 13 May 2014.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Your Costume – Your Choice

    Vote for your favorite costume for 50% off!

    May 9, 2014

    Teaser Image

    An astronaut, a sorcerer, or a samurai… What could be more fun than playing dress-up with our great selection of costumes? Showing off and having a good time never hurt anyone, and that’s why there are so many costumes in Brick-Force!

    Starting today, you will be able to give us YOUR opinion on your favorite costumes, every week! And the cherry on top: The elected costume will be available for 50% off in the shop for an entire week following the voting!

    Voting rules:

    ·         You can only vote for 1 costume every week!

    ·         The winning costume will be the one that receives the most votes on Facebook by 16 May 2014. It will then be available in the shop for 50% off the following week.

    This week, you get to choose between the following five costumes:

    o   Space Costume

    o   Bron Costume

    o   Mercury Costume

    o   Sorcerer Costume

    o   Samurai Costume

    So which costume will be the big winner this week? It’s up to YOU!

    Don’t wait any longer and visit our official Facebook page to share your opinion on the survey called “Your Costume - Your Choice”!





  • Masters of Architecture

    Create works of art and win great prizes!

    May 7, 2014

    Teaser Image

    We all know that you can build a lot more with bricks than just parkour playgrounds and defense towers. This contest gives you the opportunity to impress your fellow players with your architectural talents. Whether you incorporate detailed statues, enormous buildings, entire landscapes, or all of the above – there’s no limit to your creativity!

    After putting the finishing touches on your aesthetically pleasing map, post at least one screenshot showing off your masterpiece in the dedicated thread of the official Brick-Force forum by 21 May at 23:59.

    In the end, our community team will select the 3 best entries, and the entire player base will be invited to vote for their favorites.

    The Drake 3000 (permanent) will serve as a reward for the finest artistic achievements!

    Contest Rules:

    • In this contest, the focus is on visual appeal. However, your artwork must appear on a map that can also be used as a battlefield after the contest – so make sure you create an interesting environment for combat!
    • The depiction of offensive content or symbols is prohibited.
    • The map must be a new, original work of the submitter, registered under their name.


    We can hardly wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with – we’ve got a ton of great maps to look forward to!

  • Dual Wield

    Double the Fun

    May 1, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Season 4: Cowboys & Bricks is drawing nearer and a little more patience is all you need until you can spread bullets from two colts across the map. Let’s face it, two western colts; it can’t become any cooler, right?

    This is only one of several new features awaiting you with our upcoming Season. We will provide you with more and more information about Cowboys & Bricks in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

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