Season 3 Arrives in Europe

Brick-Force Travels Back in Time

October 22, 2013

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"Brick by brick" - that is how Brick-Force has evolved since the release about a year ago and brought it to a considerable size. Over two million players have registered and created more than one million maps and fought more than four million matches.

On the 22nd of October, 8pm (7pm UK), the new Season 3 – Bricksaga – will be released and will bring you a whole new gaming experience. New bricks, new costumes, new weapons.

Become a noble knight, a powerful mage, a mischievous thief and much more with our medieval costumes and use our whole new Bricksaga weapons to rule the battlefield.

The new portals will allow you to appear right behind an enemy or lure them into nasty spike traps. Map builders will have a whole new set of bricks to choose from to make their maps even more exciting and open up entirely new ways to play. Why not put your building skills to the test in our Bricksaga Map Building Contest starting on 24th of Ocotober and win cool prizes starting tomorrow!

From Pay2Win to Play2Win, Brick-Force now has a completely revamped and fair approach to the item shop. That means more competition, an improved levelling system and much, much more fun.

The features of Season 3 at a glance:

  • Powerful and magical weapons such as crossbows and wands
  • New stylish outfits and many more matching accessories in a medieval style
  • New , functional Bricks as trap doors, spike traps, doors and windows
  • Conversion to Force Points to simplify everything
  • Redesign of the Itemshop
  • Revised Level Progression
  • Improved Map Manager
  • UI Optimization

Check out all the various changes in the Patch Notes.

A detailed FAQ with answers to all the important questions with regard to the changes can be found here.

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