• Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

    Get your own Voucher Code for awesome Halloween Items!

    October 30, 2015

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    Trick or treat?!

    The day of scares and sweets is closing in! To shorten the wait for that popular ghost party called Halloween, we have created a haunting item pack!

    With this pack, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust your outfit to these creepy times. Show the Brick-World that you’re the true ghost boss and scare the bejesus out of everybody!

    Simply redeem the following code on our website under Redeem Key:


    The code contains the following items in their 7-Day-Versions:

    • Skeleton Mask (fully upgraded)
    • Pumpkin Mask (fully upgraded)
    • Eyepatch (fully upgraded)
    • Mephisto Mask
    • Psychopath Mask (fully upgraded)
    • Grim Reaper Mask (fully upgraded)
    • Pumpkin Gun (fully upgraded)
    • Mephisto's Gun (fully upgraded)
    • Mephisto's Lance (fully upgraded)
    • Lollipop (fully upgraded)
    • Candlestick (fully upgraded)
    • Psychopath Hatchet (fully upgraded)
    • Grim Reaper Scythe (fully upgraded)
    • Mephisto's Grenade (fully upgraded)
    • Ghost Grenade (fully upgraded)
    • Psychopath Grenade (fully upgraded)

    *The code can be redeemed until 1st November, 23:59 CET.

  • The Winners of our Halloween Contests

    Did you win?

    October 29, 2015

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    Contest No. 1.1: [Map] Create a scary painting

    Is your painting worthy of hanging above an old and haunted castle’s fireplace? Well, this one definitely is!

    Harvest by Daxflame!

    Contest No. 1.2: [Map] Build a scary ghost train

    Are you ready for some bone-shattering starts once more? Then you should definitely download the following maps right away!

    1st place: Ghost Train by skymasterj

    2nd place: King Grave by BuilderAcc

    3rd place: halloween! by godus

    Contest No. 2: The scariest story of all times

    These stories prove that our players are the most talented when it comes to scary stuff! Thank you for your numerous submissions, and our congratulations to the following people:

    1st place:  AeroAce777
    2nd place: Fire_Girl
    3rd place: PkPearce

    Contest No. 3: A self-made Brick-Force Halloween mask

    Your creativity shall be rewarded! Here are the best real-life Brick-Force masks! We hope that you’ll grab the most sweets with these gems! ;-)

    1st place: PoOp_911

    2nd place: ArAnDaNo

    3rd place: flametorch

    Many thanks to all participants! All winners will receive personal messages through the forum.

    The Infernum team wishes all of you a very scary Halloween!

  • Halloween is upon us!

    Take part in our Contests and win awesome Prizes

    October 12, 2015

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    It’s that time of the year again – ghosts, witches and jack o’ lanterns are upon us!

    In order to properly celebrate Halloween in Brick-Force and give each Brick-Forcer a right old scare, we are now launching the preparations for the scariest of all celebrations. To cover everybody’s taste, this time, we are offering you three different contests to take part in!

    Create a Halloween-themed Map

    This is for the building experts among you! Create a Halloween-themed map in one of the following two categories:

    • Create a scary painting
    • Build a scary ghost train

    You can win up to 3 months of Premium membership and a complete (fully upgraded) Halloween costume!

    Find out more [here]!

    Tell us the scariest story of all times!

    Do you think you have what it takes to write the most thrilling, creepy and scary Halloween story of all times? Then don’t wait any longer and start writing, because there’s a whole bunch of prizes waiting for you! You can win up to 1000 Tokens and a (fully upgraded) Halloween weapon.

    Find out more [here] and take part in the contest.

    Craft a Brick-Force Halloween Mask!

    Grab some carton, paper and a few pens and create a scary Halloween-themed Brick-Force mask! The most creative people amongst you will be rewarded with Tokens, P’n’W Coins and a (fully upgraded) Halloween mask!

    Check out the contest details [here].


    All contests end on 27 October 2015. The winners will be announced the following day.

    Please note: You can take part in all 3 contests, but you can only win one of them.

    Are you ready to turn Brick-Force into a world full of sinister creatures? We are looking forward to the shock of our lives!

  • Summer Map Contest Winners!

    Relax and take a break on these awesome maps

    August 13, 2015

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    Players have been hard at work creating the best summer holiday destinations the Brick-World can offer! Now it’s time for them to relax, and enjoy the fruits of their efforts! Here are the winners for the two different categories:

    UPDATE: Unfortunately we had to disqualify the first picked 1st place since his map has already been registered before the start of the contest. Instead of choosing a new 3rd place for the "One Big Feature" category, we decided to add a 4th place to the "Spring Fever Land" category. The winner will receive the same price as the 3rd place.

    One Big Feature

    1. place: GenSommer by DerJohnny

    2. place: Brick Soda by NRobert

    Spring Fever Land Winners

    1. place: HolidayInn by FunForce88

    2. place: Shinezua by EU-Maps

    3. place: BadasBeach by Badaboom5

    4. place:  BlueBeach by MrIra

    Congratulations to those players, they’re Token rewards are on their way! Plus, their maps are available to play right now!

    ~ The Infernum Community Team

  • Extended Server Downtime – Server migrations

    The servers are moving to a new home!

    July 29, 2015

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    Brick-Force's realms will be offline and all players will be unable to login during an exceptional extended server maintenance starting tomorrow Thursday 30th July, from 3:00 AM on. We expect this operation to last at least 24h, but the total downtime can vary depending technical circumstances. Rest assured that we will be doing our best to bring the servers back online as soon as possible.

    This operation is necessary for the continuation and future quality of our services, as we are performing a server move to a new data centre.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding while we are working on strengthening-up the game’s technical foundations.

    We are nevertheless very excited about this new step, and are looking forward to a new area of faster, stronger and more stable game connectivity!

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