• Hard-hitting Trio

    Gamma, Drake and Tsunamirama 25% off

    6 de marzo de 2015

    Teaser Image

    Small but heavy: That’s the Gamma. Although it has a small body, it holds big power. With just one shot, the Gamma will melt the skin off a dragon. Prepare for a serious hunt, Brick-Soldier!

    Throw down that puny pistol – now there’s a really big gun in town! With lots of ammo and deadly precise rockets, it will blow your enemies to bits! The Drake 3000 is big and probably one of the most frightening weapons ever – what more could you want?

    Brickseidon has awoken from his long sleep under Atlantis because he heard that Hades wants to take over the Brick-World! Protect the peace of Brick-Kind and help Brickseidon bring down Hades with his self-created weapon, the Tsunamirama. Don’t let your guard down, soldier!

    All three weapon are reduced by 25 % this weekend! 

  • Consumables without End

    50% off on Consumable Packs

    6 de marzo de 2015

    Teaser Image

    What to do when you run out of ammo on the battlefield? When the bullets are flying wild but there are not healing potions left? If you want to give your map the final polish, but you just ran out of Swappies?

    These problems no longer concern you, because you can now get our large Consumable Packs. You will receive whatever your brick heart needs. All three packs contain extra-large stacks of the most important consumables, and they are reduced by an awesome 50%.

    Available until Sunday, 23:59 CET.

  • West Side Tribe

    Season 4 Orange Weapons in the shop

    6 de marzo de 2015

    Teaser Image

    Far in the west, deep in Brick-World’s Ezkiel Valley, lives a tribe that keeps a secret power beneath the ground. Affected by the western world, they forged similar weapons. But one thing is different: their secret power called ‘Ezkiel Essence’, known as the mysterious orange power. Therefore, these weapons are the strongest versions of the western weapons available this side of the Mississippi!

    This orange offer is valid until Sunday at 23:59.

  • RockySnipe by Didavi

    War of the Halves

    3 de marzo de 2015

    Teaser Image

    Eons ago, when the old Brickgods Brodin and Bhor still reigned over this world, a very powerful king decided to build himself an enormous castle. But as it was as large as a city, soon, its inhabitants started to fight amongst each other, as all brick people do when lots of them live together in limited space. They were fighting day in, day out, until finally, one fraction settled down in the Northern half, and the other in the Southern half of the castle.

    A brittle peace followed… until some troublemakers decided it was time to once again dig up the old arguments. Brodin and Bhor had about enough. The earth suddenly opened up and ripped the mighty castle in two halves. Many of its inhabitants died when this happened, and afterwards, nobody dared to anger the gods again. One after the next, they left this cursed place.

    For centuries now, the ruin has been deserted. Its past inhabitants are long forgotten, as are Brodin and Bhor. Seems like just the right time to once again dig up the old arguments…

    Defeat the enemy team 3 times in a mode of your choice on RockySnipe by Didavi and earn yourself the King’s Crown (30 days), to reign over RockySnipe in the future!

    End: Sunday, 8 March 2015, 23:59 CET.

  • Cementary by zxl5hrt

    The Cursed Graveyard

    24 de febrero de 2015

    Teaser Image

    The great cemetery in the center of this town will give you an eerie feeling. Without a doubt, it is the little town’s landmark, both for the inhabitants as well as tourists, who like to take a walk through this beautiful and peaceful place during the daytime, and go to the town’s clubs, bars and casinos at night.

    A few weeks ago, a successful constructor tried to get the license to remove the cemetery in order to build a giant shopping center in its stead. But he didn’t think of the graveyard’s inhabitants … The night before the council was supposed to make a decision, hundreds of Brick-Ghosts rose from their graves to curse the greedy constructor and all his helpers, who haven’t been seen since.

    Now, it is time for the restless ghosts to go back to their graves so that peace can return to the little town. Will you be able to handle the situation?

    Defeat 50 opponents in a mode of your choice on Cementary by zxl5hrt and earn yourself Ghost Ammo (fully upgraded) (30 days)!

    End: Monday, 2 March 2015, 23:59 CET

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